Why Asset Tracking Solution is Needed?

1. Time saving on operation
(e.g. For medical service, spending time on locating medical equipments will effect the quality of service)
2. Improve accuracy on Stock checking record
3. Security purpose and save manpower to take record manually
The advantages of using Beacon other than RFID
1. Easier to manage (Less manpower)
2. No dedicate equipment needed (Smart phone would be more accessible)
3. Can be reused (Simply pair up the device with the asset on CP Cloud)

Smart Directory creates interactions between

1. Physical product and media contents
2. Smart phone and Display

Indoor Positioning System is one of the common applications applying beacon networks, which allows your business

1. Increase interactions between users and your business
2. Helpful, efficient and clear suggestions to users
3. Reduce human & time resources spending on guiding users