A new cyber-physical and intuitive experience for audience to
drag, collect and share


Collect media on displays with a 'drag', and get instant access to information and mobile commerce


Dragged media are at users' fingertips in collections for exploring and sharing

Impacts of the curated media go beyond your event or campaign's time and location

Multi Cloud

Faster and more reliable interactive responses between displays/objects and smartphones through multiple cloud platforms across Asia.

Controllable notification

Sending relevant notifications to your audience or customers even they are not in your location or event anymore

Range Control : 0.5-50M

Limited times of notification

Controlled push intervals


Extend media influence from a physical locations to popular networks

Initiate and maintain ongoing influence through CyPhy social networking features

Make any display / signage "draggable"

Traditional media

With "draggable" devices

Pair up draggable devices to provide boundless draggable experience

Art Gallery
Art Gallery

Drag with WiFi/ 3G / 4G

Art Gallery

Synchronize screen content and draggable content

Art Gallery

Manage contents remotely

Draggable scenarios

Draggable physical medias e.g. art pieces, commodity

Draggable digital image

Draggable TVC

Drag different contents per ad

2 DragBeacons
Get Quote
Get Quote
Get Quote

Manage draggable devices and contents;
get analytics and reports

Device Management

Easy management of multiple devices in one go

Content Management

Easy production and management of draggable content

Analytics of Media Effectiveness

Get reports on user statistics and media engagement

Track trends of marketing effectiveness from user interactions and sharing