About us

CyPhy combines cutting-edge technology and creative design to make a cyber-physical space for people to engage with media intuitively.

We simplify the way mobile users collect, explore and share digital media, and give event organizers and marketers an edge in audience engagement.

We exist because we believe cool technology and design make a difference.

Scientific Advisory Board


Prof Jon Crowcroft, Ph.D., FRS

Jon Crowcroft has been the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems at University of Cambridge since October 2001. He has worked in the area of Internet support for multimedia communications for over 30 years. Three main topics of interest have been scalable multicast routing, practical approaches to traffic management, and the design of deployable end-to-end protocols. Current active research areas are Opportunistic Communications, Social Networks, and techniques and algorithms to scale infrastructure-free mobile systems. He leans towards a "build and learn" paradigm for research. He is a Fellow the Royal Society, a Fellow of the ACM, a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Fellow of the IET and the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the IEEE.

Prof Jon Crowcroft, Ph.D., FRS